Supported Dimensions

Supported dimensions by providers. Two dimensional queries allow to drill down on a dimension value and plot these against a second dimension to visualize the combined metrics.

Amazon S3

Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront Streaming

Amazon Elastic Load Balancer (Classic)

Amazon Elastic Load Balancer (Application)

Google Cloud Storage

Rackspace Cloudfiles (Akamai CDN)
API country

Based on the IP address of the request.

API city

Based on the IP address of the request.

CDN Edge Location
API edgelocation

The CloudFront edge location the request was served.

API region

Based on the IP address of the request.

API uri

Requested resource without query parameters.

API filetype

Filetype by file extension.

Query String
API query

Query parameters in the URI

API cookie

The cookie values in the HTTP request

HTTP Operation
API operation

HTTP operation

Streaming Event
API streamingevent

The event type. This is a Connect, Disconnect, Play, Stop, Pause, Unpause, or Seek event.

HTTP Status Code
API statuscode

HTTP status code

CDN Edge Cache Result
API edgeresult

The CloudFront edge cache result the request was served.

  • Hit: CloudFront served the object to the viewer from the edge cache.
  • Refresh Hit: CloudFront found the object in the edge cache but it had expired, so CloudFront contacted the origin to verify that the cache has the latest version of the object.
  • Miss: The object wasn't in the edge cache, so CloudFront requested the object from the origin and served it to the viewer.
  • Limit Exceeded: The request was denied because a CloudFront limit was exceeded.
  • Capacity Exceeded: CloudFront returned a 503 error because the edge location didn't have enough capacity at the time of the request to serve the object.
  • Error: The request resulted in a client error (4xx) or server error (5xx).

Referral Path
API referrer

The full URL as seen in the Referer HTTP header field.

Search Keyword
API searchkeyword

The search keywords in the referrer from a Google, Bing, Baidu or Yahoo search.

Referral Domain
API referrerdomain

The domain name part frm the Referer HTTP header field.

API browser

Categorized by parsing the user agent.

Operating System
API os

Categorized by parsing the user agent.

User Agent
API ua

User agent string

API authentication

Canonical ID for authenticated requests.

Client ID
API clientid

An opaque string identifier that can be used to differentiate clients. This value is unique for each connection.

Service Provider
API isp

Internet Service Provider