Powerful features.

Drilldown, API and more.


Query metrics by accessed URIs and filetypes used. List referring sites and search keywords. Analyze HTTP user agents, operations and status codes. Compare CDN edge locations. Visualize requests on a country, region or city map determined by IP addresses in the access logs.


Comprehensive analytics of multiple metrics including hits, bandwidth, request and bandwidth costs side by side.


Use globbing patterns to filter URIs by directory to get a report of a subset of your assets. Grouping requests by file type gives you a better overview of resources served. Display a report of HTTP status response codes to make sure you serve no 404s. Track partial download counts for S3 and Cloudfiles.

Streaming Events

Break up client IDs and playback events for RTMP streams in AWS CloudFront streaming distributions.


Use the application programming interface (API) to access data from Qloudstat for further automatic processing in other applications.


To support further processing of data acquired from Qloudstat in external applications, export options as CSV and Excel are provided. Just click the Download (CSV) or Download (Excel) buttons adjacent to the graph type selectors in any report.

Drill down

Drill down on a dimension value and plot these against a second dimension to visualize the combined metrics. For example select all URIs that that had a 404 HTTP status code returned.

Break down costs

Get insight on request and data transfer costs broken down to single URI, filetype, edge location & over time.

No installation & secure

Up and running within minutes. Qloudstat does all the work behind the scenes without any administration, maintenance and infrastructure required by you.

Using dedicated credentials to access your log configuration and access logs. Log files are fetched using a HTTP connection secured with TLS.

No static report

Choose any time period to plot metrics across dimensions with a resolution down to a single day. Filter dimension values to search for patterns. Query big data sets in no time.


It doesn't matter if the access volume changes and your log files grow rapidly. Qloudstat will cope with your traffic.


Processing your logs around the clock to give you instant analytics whenever you need it.


Configure alerts for any combination of dimension and metric with a lower or upper limit that alerts you by email when the treshold is reached within a day, week or month. Optionally a filter for the dimension value can be set. Once the threshold for the given period is reached you will get notified by email and a notification message added to the endpoint. The next alert will only be sent again after the period has been elapsed. The accumulation for the configured dimension and metric is reset after each period.

There is no limit for the number of alerts and they can be configured for daily, weekly or monthly periods.

User management

You can add more users in addition to the main account login. Users can have view only or edit permissions to manage configurations. Only the initial owner of the account is allowed to add users.