• Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage

Access logs for all of the requests made on a Google Cloud Storage bucket and are created hourly.

Logging Setup

  • Using Qloudstat Choose to Edit a configuration. On the edit page you can toggle access log delivery using Enable Logging button. Note that your changes are applied instantaneously.

  • Using Cyberduck Follow the instructions to enable bucket access logs on the Cyberduck Help Wiki.

Authentication for Qloudstat

You must obtain the project ID (x-goog-project-id) of your project from the ​Google API Console under Storage Access from the Google Cloud Storage tab.

Adding a Google Cloud Storage configuration will prompt you for the x-goog-project-id and a token to authorize access for Qloudstat issued with OAuth 2.0 authentication with the permission to read log files from your account without revealing personal access credentials. The token issued is under your control and can always be revoked using your Google Account settings.

OAuth 2.0 authentication

OAuth2 authentication is used to give Qloudstat permission to read your log configuration and files. Qloudstat uses OAuth 2.0 authentication and authorization to interact with the Google Cloud Storage API. OAuth 2.0 authentication is a token-based authentication where you can issue tokens to applications to act on your behalf.

Log File Delivery Interval

Log Files are delivered hourly.

Supported Dimensions & Metrics

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