• Rackspace Cloudfiles

Rackspace Cloudfiles

Rackspace Cloudfiles uses Akamai for content distribution and stores log files in a container named .CDN_ACCESS_LOGS/ with log files prefixed with the name of the origin container for both download and streaming CDN URLs.


Both US and UK Rackspace endpoints are supported including Dallas (DFW), Chicago (ORD) and Sydney (SYD) regions.

Logging Setup

You cannot set a custom logging target container.

  • Using Qloudstat Choose to Edit a configuration. On the edit page you can toggle access log delivery using Enable Logging button. Note that your changes are applied instantaneously. Toggle Logging Configuration Rackspace Cloudfiles

  • Using Cyberduck Follow the instructions to enable distribution access logs on the Cyberduck Help Wiki.

Log File Delivery Interval

Access logs are delivered multiple times per hour depending on the traffic.

Supported Dimensions & Metrics

Refer to the list of Dimensions and Metrics